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Calendar with new LiPo-sponsorship

08/03/2021 Author: Svenja Linke General, sponsoring The accumulator is the centrepiece of our racing car. It consists of 284 lithium polymer cells (Li-Po), which are assorted in so-called stacks in order to provide…

Events 2021

07/03/2021 Author: Svenja Linke General, event, team On 5th February 2021 we took part in the annual event registration quizzes of the European competitions. Due to our position on the…

Sponsoring by the TU Freiberg foundation

02/03/2021 Author: Marvin Gretschel General, sponsoring We want to thank the foundation of TU Bergakademie Freiberg for their annual financial support the second year in succession. The received fundings will…

Sponsoring by Börsig

05/01/2021 Author: Svenja Linke General, sponsoring We would like to thank Börsig for their support this year. They supply our team with plug-in connectors and other electromechanical components. These components…
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About Us

Our motivation: 
the Formula Student – an international competition for students connecting engineering and economics with racing.

Our goals

During one year we will bring the RT14, our first racecar with electric four wheel drive, to three European events of the Formula Student.

Support Us

The financial and manufacturing support of companies is the mainstay of our whole project

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