Who are we?

We, Racetech Racing Team, are a group of more than 50 students from the TU Bergakademie Freiberg in Germany. Together we plan, design and build a prototype small scale formula car to compete in the international competition of “Formula Student”.


Academic courses

Since neither our University nor the scientific environment of Freiberg has a strong orientation towards automotive engineering, it is a big challenge to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills that are needed to build such a vehicle. Students from various fields of study, such as mechanical engineering and materials science, but also economics and geoscience work together interdisciplinary and set ambitious goals. In order to reach these goals, responsibility and perseverance are required from each teammember.

This project offers us the opportunity to practice our theoretical knowledge, in order to acquire technical know-how and collect intense experiences regarding our professional future. Hence team-building, working with scientific methods and manual skills are part of our work.


Nevertheless, being pioneer itself is not enough to design and build a racing car that is capable of competing and dominating the Formula Student competition. Therefore we depend on the support of our partners and sponsors. Especially an electric car consists of costly components, such as the compact high-performance engines and accumulators, requiring additional financial assistance.


Racetech Racing Team TU Bergakademie Freiberg e.V.