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Mechanical drivetrain

  • Motor: Honda CBR 600RR PC37
    • Power: 66 kW
    • Modified camshaft for better responsivity
    • Overhead air intake
    • Engine map adjustment on the test stand
    • Flow optimized airbox made out of cast aluminium
  • Transmission: self-developed 3-speed gearbox
    • Sequential gear shift via electronically controlled pneumatic cylinders
    • Anti-hopping clutch for downshifting without manual clutch operation
    • Upshift with ignition interruption
  • Differential: Drexler self-locking differential
  • Cooling: two independent, temperature controlled cooling circuits; cooling agent: water
  • Tank capacity: 5,4 l



  • Wheel suspension: CFRP double wishbone axles
  • Upright: topology optimized aluminium structure, manufactured via investment casting
  • Spring damper system: Öhlins TTX25 MK2 Dampers actuated via pull rod (front axle), push rod (rear axle) and rocker, U steel stabilizer with turning swords
  • Wheel hub: milled aluminium structure
  • Brake system: IRS brake calipers; steel brake disks
  • Rims: 13" CFRP-rim
  • Tires: Hoosier R25B
  • Wheelbase: 1560 mm
  • Front track width: 1240 mm
  • Rear track width: 1220 mm


  • Chassis: welded steel tubular frame made from 25CrMo4; weight: 29,5 kg
  • Shell:
    • consisting of magnesium sheet, formed by warm reshaping
    • Sheet thickness: 0.5 – 0.8 mm
    • Corrosion protection by chemical vapor coating
  • Pedals: accelerator pedal made of CFRP with foam core; aluminium brake pedal
  • Security structures: main roll hoop made of steel, front roll hoop made of steel; crashbox made of an aluminium base plate and aluminium honeycomb
  • Ergonomics: CFRP seat; CFRP steering wheel with integrated shift paddles and display; 6 point harness; pedals adjustable to driver size; manual clutch



  • Power supply: Lithium iron phosphate accumulator
  • Dashboard and steering wheel with driver information system:
    • Optimal shift point
    • Launchcontrol
    • Adjustable Traction Control System
    • Adjusting of the braking blance
  • Engine control unit: MS3 Sport with integrated launch and traction control
  • Other:
    • Telemetry system for recording measured values
    • CAN bus system for data transmission


Formula Student Hungary
6. Acceleration
6. Skid Pad
5. Autocross
Best Selfmade Vehicle Award

Formula Student Italy
10. Skid Pad
9. Acceleration
5. Business Plan
4. Engineering Design

World Ranking
95th place

Racetech Racing Team TU Bergakademie Freiberg e.V.