Battery Cells: The Heart of Our Race Car 

Battery Cells: The Heart of Our Race Car 

A Partnership with Brother International GmbH

Date: 20.03.2024

Author: Vanessa Rucks

Sponsoring, Technology

We are delighted to have Brother International GmbH as a new partner by our side this season. The company supported us with a donation that allowed us to acquire battery cells for assembling the accumulator for our latest race car.

In the dynamic environment of Formula Student, high-quality components play a crucial role. Of particular note for us are the 284 lithium polymer battery cells, organized in stacks, forming the heart of our race car’s accumulator. They stand out for their remarkable performance and high capacity, which is of great value to us in tackling the challenges on the racetrack.

The early provision of these cells is important for us as they lay the foundation for the work on the battery. The assembly of the stack housing, testing functionality, and other important tasks are time-consuming and dependent on the availability of the cells. With the support of Brother International GmbH, we can handle these processes early and ensure that our race car is ready for events on time. Thank you very much!