Innovative solutions for fireproof stack housings in Formula Student 

Innovative solutions for fireproof stack housings in Formula Student 

Our collaboration with

Date: 23.01.2024

Autor: Florian Katzenschwanz

Sponsoring, Technik

We are pleased to announce our successful partnership with, a leading company in the field of 3D printing technology. This cooperation has enabled us to manufacture our stack housings quickly and precisely. 

Today’s 3D printing processes opens up new possibilities for us as a team. We have already gained experience with our own printers in the past and have learned to appreciate the advantages of these modern manufacturing processes. 3D printing allows us to break new ground in many areas of the vehicle. For example, we use printed parts to quickly produce prototypes and test their function or use the great freedom of form in various places to produce perfectly fitting and, thanks to the optimized shape, particularly lightweight parts. has once again opened up new possibilities for us. Thanks to their support, we were able to 3D print our stack housings, in which the cells of the high-voltage battery of our racing car are mounted. This was only possible because has the necessary resources to produce such large parts precisely. We can also meet all safety standards by using fireproof PC-ABS filament. Furthermore, fast delivery is another important factor for our cooperation, as in Formula Student it takes less than a year from the concept for a new racing car, through design, production and testing, to the events.