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Build a racing car offers opportunities for every interested, whether you are interested in technical work and flow analysis or rather organisational and creative challenges.

The practical realisation of the racing car and various events offer ways to train your level of fine and gross motor skills.

Subdivison suspension deals with the connection of the chassis to the track. First of all, the vehicle dynamics and transfered forces are determined by the tyres, but mass and stiffness of the wheel assembly or damping behavior have a major influence, too. Kinematics enables, according to the vehicle’s position, an ideal position of the tyre to the track in order to transfer maximum possible forces.

Subdivision electronics includes a wide task field, for example the design of the high voltage accumulator and the corresponding safety electronics. On the other hand, printable circuit boards and circuit layouts are designed and manufactured. In addition, the subdivision evaluates the data which is collected during driving. For that, high-precision sensors and fast BUS-systems are required to manage the amount of data. For data communication, a wire harness is developed, designed and manufactured.

The duty of the mechanical drivetrain is to transmit the torque of the motors into propulsion with high effectiveness. For that, highly efficient gear components have to be developed in order to reduce rotating and unsprung masses. Another task is the cooling of the power electronics and motors.

Aerodynamics is an independent subdivision since the 2013/14 season. An aerodynamics package with a focus on maximum downforce is developed using CFD-simulations. Further development targets are high efficiencies for downforce-to-drag and downforce-to-package weight.

This year, a metal sheet monocoque will be used for the fifth time. The very light and stiff honeycomb structure forms a solid and light chassis for our RT14.

The subdivision’s spectrum of tasks mainly are team internal organization and external representation as well as social media. These include the maintenance of the communication platform, the design and planning of team clothing and the organization of the rollout and Fomula Student events. Besides that, the subdivision is responsible for creative tasks like designing a team portfolio photography and filmmaking.

Die Simulation unterstützt alle konstruktiven Module bei der Bauteilauslegung. Mithilfe von numerischen Simulationen können Festigkeiten von Bauteilen in Spannungsanalysen berechnet werden und durch Topologie- und Sizeoptimierungen wird auf Verbesserungspotential untersucht.

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