Engine development

Engine development

Author: Fabian Liefke

General, technology

Starting with the RT14evo, the motors of our vehicle are developed in cooperation
with Krebs & Aulich and other sponsors, since off-the-shelf electric motors are expensive and cannot be adapted to the exact needs of the vehicle. The RT14evo is the first vehicle with such self-developed motors. It is driven by four synchronous machines that are part of the wheel assembly. The drive motors are one of the most important and at the same time one of the heaviest components of a Formula Student vehicle. The balance between weight and performance is therefore the focus of the engine development.

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The design of the next generation of in-house motors (RT15) is therefore mainly focused on weight saving. Another challenge is to get the most out of the available space. For example, since the wheels of the RT15 will be smaller than those of the RT14evo, the motors that sit inside the rims must also shrink accordingly. By optimizing with these factors in mind and using better materials, we can achieve an
almost 40% lighter engine design. The design and the optimization of the rotor and
stator topology happen in MotorCAD. The resulting geometry is translated into a CAD model with which, among other things, mechanical simulations can be carried out. The engine is then manufactured in various steps in cooperation with our sponsors.

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