Planning of the season

Planning of the season

Author: Svenja Linke

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Dear sponsors, friends and supporters,


in November, we had to make the difficult decision to postpone the manufacturing of the RT15 for a year.

Despite our very active advertising, we could not attract nearly as many new members to the team as we would need for a “normal” season. In addition, the current development of COVID-19 is also a problem – not only for us.

However, we do not want to remain inactive: We will integrate a system for autonomous driving (DV system) into the RT14 and optimize or renew some components. In addition, the focus is on the application of the motors. The RT14 is scheduled to run at the events next year.

Despite this decision, work on the RT15 is not resting. The development that has already started will be continued
parallel to work on the RT14. We are planning to start the manufacturing of the first components in spring. Also, the DV electronics of the RT14 will be developed to be compatible with the RT15.

We will keep you up to date on further developments around the RT14 and RT15 in our newsletters and on our website and social media.


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