Circuit Board Design

Circuit Board Design

Author: Juel Kassou

General, technology

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We have been developing our own circuit boards for many years to guarantee the successful and reliable control of our prototypes. These are used throughout the vehicle. In addition to managing measurement data acquisition or driving dynamics control, they also control some safety-critical aspects such as the Tractive System Active Light. 

They first go through a requirements analysis. With the help of the rules and wishes of the team, we analyze which features are required. As soon as they are established, the requirements are recorded in the circuit diagram with the help of the Altium Designer and implemented electrically. Before they are further developed into a layout, they are checked by more experienced electronics engineers and are potentially expanded again. Then, the task is to place the components in the actual installation space in the most space-saving way possible. The actual electrical connections that connect the components on the finished circuit board are also planned in this step.

To ensure high manufacturing quality, the layout is then implemented externally. The finished PCB is then assembled and soldered by us.

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