Changes due to COVID-19

Changes due to COVID-19

Autor: Marvin Gretschel

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Dear sponsors, friends and supporters,

due to the current situation according to COVID-19 and the related curfew in Germany, we decided to cease the internal manufacturing of our car for now. Hereby, we want to preserve the health of all team members and their relatives.

In consequence, our Rollout on 29th May will be cancelled. A new date will be released as soon as possible.

During the last days, Formula Student Germany and Formula Student East in Hungary announced to cancel their events in 2020 as well. We assume that Formual Student Austria in Spielberg will join this decision, too. Therefore, no Formula Student event will take place this year.

But these announcements don’t bring us down. Our current goal is to use the obtained time as effective as possible and to attend the events in 2021 with the already for 2020 planned RT14 in an advanced and its best possible condition.

We elaborated the following schedule to accomplish our purpose:

  • We want to build the RT14 in its current status in 2020 to gain experience with the new concept. Based on a long application phase, we will be able to react to possible design issues.
  • Our all-wheel-drive motors will be intensively prepared and tested on the motor test bench before and during the testing phase.
  • The current level of development of the car will be evaluated. Further development work will be done where it is needed. 
  • According to the progression of the car, there will be an updated version of the RT14, which shall be finished early in 2021 to have much time available to find a decent setup and for drivers training.
  • Simultaneous to the mentioned points above, we are going to work on the realization of an autonomous driving concept in association with the planned mixed class of FSG. For this, the disciplines have to be contested with drivers as well as autonomously.

Together and with the support of our sponsors, we can accomplish our goals and compete with a powerful racecar at the Formula Student events in 2021.

If there are any questions, you can contact us via telephone or e-mail. Our current phone number is: +49 3731 / 77 53 550


Stay healthy!

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